Bocardo Autosolo 2016

Pulling into the drive and unlocking the gate, Dick Hall had turned up say that he had been and found the gate locked and had been looking for another gate. Dick was going to be helping Bill Hitchcock with Scrutineering and then be one of the Timekeepers. I Parked just inside the gate and put all my layers of clothing on as it was cold and raining. As I put up safety notices and altered the course a bit the sun came out so I was pealing of the layers. As it turned out the weather was very good then started to turn cold during the last Test. We had no incidents other than a few cones knocked which we stopped the event and replaced the cones on their spots.

The driving during the day was very good and competitive. The first Test was damp for the first group (3 groups of 12 cars), these were a bit disadvantaged as the venue dried out (not a lot can be done about that).

John and Shirley Blackwell who did the entries secretary work and the results my thanks to them for taking these tasks on board for me

My thanks to Colin Minchin for his help with Transport, setting up, clearing up and Time Keeping

Thanks to Bill Hitchcock and Dick Hall for Scrutineering and Time Keeping.

Thanks go to Haydn Marks and Helen Tutt for Helping to Set up and clear away as well as compete also to all those who eased the strain of Time Keeping. Finally to Harvey Warner for his marshalling deployment and photography and his understand that I did not mean to back my car into him, thank you to him.

Bocardo Autosolo Results 2016

Photo’s of the event

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