2022 Review

99 out of our total of 143 members scored points in the 2022 Championship.
The change of moving to nominated events a couple of years ago certainly helped me keep track of everyone’s results on events and their activities within the Club. That’s not as sinister as it sounds!
Last year it was the Autosolo that had the close results, this year it was the Road Rally section.

On the competition side I’ll start with Autosolo.
28 members took part over the 7 events, 9 of them entering 5 or more rounds of the 7 nominated events.
Eddie Martin scored maximum points on all 5 rounds he entered and took the Championship win with 125pts and wins the Davis Cup for speed events.
Last years winner Kieran Belcher [113pts] was second with Chris Kent [102pts] in third.
Eddie is also the winner of the Club Autosolo Challenge Cup with 2 wins from the 2 events.

One name not in the top three but we think soon will be is Ian Kent who, through his Autosolo drives, wins the Under 21 Trophy.

Moving onto Road Rally.
9 drivers and 9 navigators in various combinations took part over the 7 nominated events.
Richard Austin entered or organised 6 of the 7 events and took the Championship Driver win with 120pts.
Simon Phillips [70pts] was second, just 1 point in front of Toni Dwornik [69pts] in third.
For the 6th consecutive year, but by the closest of margins, Brian Cammack was top navigator on 119pts.
By entering 6 of the 7 rounds and having an early low score dropped he managed to beat Simon Lytton, who entered 5 events, by just 2 points [117pts].
Kieron Brown and Richard Murray tied for third with 67 pts each.

Next comes Targa Rally .We only had 6 nominated events due to a late cancellation when it was impossible to include a suitable replacement and 7 drivers and 10 navigators in various combinations took part.
David Ginn entered 5 of the 6 events and took the win on 112pts.
Ben Rogers entered all 6 events but a dropped score left him on 100pts in second place.
Lewis Ayris was just 6 points behind in third [94pts].

Tom Horst was top navigator, entering all 6 events. A dropped score still left him on 120pts.
Katie Bleach was second [47pts] and Dick Hall was third [42pts].

Moving onto Stage Rally.
Our least popular section although we did have 9 drivers and 6 co-drivers taking part taking part of 5 nominated events.
Dominic Hodge was top driver on 47pts with Dave Barbara and Jimmy Milligan tying for second on 41 pts.
These three were the only ones to enter 2 of the 5 nominated events.
Stefan Arndt was top co-driver on 47 pts after 2 events with Tom Horst and Michael Evett tying for second on 25pts.

Finally, we have Club Events.
The most popular section due to the number of events included. We had 10 events but members only scored points on a maximum of 5 rounds.
Ben Rogers came out as top driver after his 5 events with Tom Horst winning another award as top navigator after his 5 events.

You will have read Tom Horst’s name several times in this report and as a consequence he wins the Motivation Cup as top competitor across all disciplines and also, as this is his first year as a member, he wins the Batchelor Cup as Newcomer of the Year.

Moving away from competitions we have several awards for those who help the club behind the scenes.

For all her work behind the scenes as Club Treasurer, event Entries Secretary, BBQ organiser and much more the Best Lady member is Shirley Blackwell who wins the Boanerges Cup.

With the marshalling points being awarded to just Club events our Marshal of the Year is Dick Hall who wins the Jubilee Cup. As well as regularly competing on Targas and Road Rallies Dick turned out as a marshal on all our events and also carried out the duties of Event Steward [the new name for Club Steward] on our Autosolos.

Finally we have the Macclesfield Cup for Best Non-Competitive member which is awarded to John Blackwell..
As the name indicates, this award combines all the other non-competitive categories of magazine articles, event secretary, event organising, club activity organising / attending, marshalling events and representing the Club at outside events.

Breakdown of the points for each award: 

2022 Final Championship Points (xlsx)

2022 Final Championship Points (pdf)