We are a very active Club serving members throughout Oxfordshire and beyond and are involved in many types of Motor Sport including Road Rallying, Stage Rallying, Autosolos and Autotests.

We organise two national level Autosolos which are some of the most well supported events throughout the Autosolo calendar.

We organise a Grass Production Car Autotest during the summer and hold the Club annual barbeque for members enjoyment at the same event.   

During the winter months we organise 12 Car Rallies and, in conjunction with our neighbours at Newbury Dolphin Motor Club run a 12 car championship.

2019 saw us move into the world of Targa Road Rallying, seeing a return of the Bullnose Rally, previously an Endurance rally and Road Rally before that. 

All of our current events are suitable for standard road cars and are open to members of all ages and skill levels.

Details of all our events can be found on the homepage.