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There are major benefits to being involved in Motorsport. While awareness and learning how to control a car on low grip surfaces can be a major safety advantage on the road, being able to assist and organise events is fantastic experience. Team involvement can deliver huge satisfaction. Some even turn Motorsport and Motoring into a career. Plus of course it’s all great fun and very sociable.

There are many ways to get involved in Motorsport without actually competing. Whatever your interests or skills, there’s sure to be a role to suit you.

All events need a number of officials to make them work. It starts with ordinary club members wanting to get involved. Some positions are licensed by Motorsport UK but many are not. Training is provided via MS UK training courses, mentoring schemes, and from help within the club. If we cannot help you then we will know someone who can! If you lack any experience in Motorsport, don’t worry. Even the most senior officials were beginners once!

Oxford Motor Club run several events throughout the year and we are always looking for volunteers to help. Typical roles include:

Timekeepers and Marshals/Observers for Autosolo’s

Marshals to manage a control on a Targa & 12 Car Rally.

For these events you do not need to be licenced by Motorsport UK and we can provide all the help you need to carry out your duties.

If you want to take your marshalling career further and get involved with many more types of events then we are also able to help you to register with Motorsport UK and guide you through your training and qualification in whatever your chosen Discipline.

More details on the options available can be found on the Event Roles page.

For the latest info on Marshalling opportunities in the club, go to Marshalling latest

If you have any questions, please contact the Chief Marshal, or submit a request below:

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