Club Events Calendar

DateEventClubLocationContact Details
Tuesday 1stClub eveningOxfordJolly Boatman, Thrupp
Sunday 6thAutosolo CMSG R560 & Worcs
Saturday 26thAutosolo CMSG R6Bristol
Saturday 26thRed Dragon IT RallyEMCOSDown Ampney
Saturday 26th-27thSpeedmachine Autosolo Passenger RidesMSA/
Sunday 3rdMG Live AutosoloMGCC/
Tuesday 5thClub eveningOxfordJolly Boatman, Thrupp
Saturday 9thAutosolo CMSG R7DolphinAbingdon CAR-nival
Sunday 10thCAR-nival RallyTeam TempestAbingdon CAR-nival
Sunday 24thMid Summer CaerwentForrestersCaerwent
Tuesday 3rdClub eveningOxfordJolly Boatman, Thrupp
Sunday 8thCMSG Autosolo R8Bristol MC
Sunday 15thGrass Autotest & BBQOMCPusey
Sunday 5thCMSG Autosolo R9Bath MC
Tuesday 7thClub eveningOxfordJolly Boatman, Thrupp
Sunday 19thAkeman Jogularity 12 CarThame Motor ClubBicester
Tuesday 4thClub eveningOxfordJolly Boatman, Thrupp
Sunday 9thCMSG Autosolo R10Bristol MC
Sunday 16thCMSG Autosolo R11Ross MC
Friday 21stAutumn leaves 12 Car RallDolphin MC
Sunday 23rdPatriot StagesForresters CCCaerwentRichard Lomax
Friday 28thCMSG Roadsport 12 Car Rally R4
Tuesday 2ndClub eveningOxfordJolly Boatman, Thrupp
Sunday 7thBoanerges Autosolo/CMSG R12OxfordFinmere Airfield
Friday 12th12 Car RallyOxford
Saturday 13thCMSG Autosolo R1360 & Worcs
Friday 26thCMSG Roadsport 12 Car Rally R5
Tuesday 6thClub eveningOxford
Friday 9thGun Powder Plot 12 CarDolphin MC
Friday 23rdCMSG Roadsort 12 Car Rally R6
Tuesday 5thClub eveningOxford
Friday 7th12 Car RallyOxford
Friday 14thCMSG Roadsport 12 Car Rally R6

*Oxford events in bold

Information is correct at time of printing. Dates may be subject to change so please check with organisers
If any member has information on an event that may be of interest to the club please let the Competition Secretary know so it can be added to this list.