2022 Overview

Club Championship Regulations

Points Claim Form

For 2022 we will be keeping to the same format as 2021 which proved popular last year so instead of claiming points for any event you compete on, we’re now defining championship events for each major discipline with specific rounds where points can be earned. This will give everyone an equal chance of success based on performance, rather than rewarding members who compete on the most events.

There are a number of tweeks next year to emphasise Club activities:

Marshalling points will now be awarded on Oxford Motor Club events only,

After a couple of very close finishes which have been difficult to resolve we have reverted to a points differential between 1st, 2nd and 3rd places.
1st place will now be allocated 20 points plus 5 start points [25], 2nd place will be allocated 17 points plus 5 start points [22] and 3rd place will be allocated 15 points plus 5 start points [20]. We then go down in ones.

Although it is good to see the Club name on event entry lists and we would still like competitors to name the Club it will no longer necessary to enter events as Oxford Motor Club as we are nominating the events and other clubs do not record all a competitors clubs.

Stage Rally events have been increased to best 5 of 7 events but you will see you have a choice in June with two local events on the same day.

Roadsport and Targa event Expert and Novice skill levels will be amalgamated to give one winner driver and navigator.

Beginner level Roadsport competitors who usually use marked maps will be brought under the banner of ‘Other Club Events’ or to use it’s new name ‘Best of the Rest‘ which includes all other Club organised events such as PCA, etc.
This section will also include the Grass Autotests which has been dropped as an independent championship category.

Please note that the events in each championship are chosen early in the year amid the Covid-19 pandemic and may change as the year moves on.

Should any nominated event change it will be replaced wherever possible with another event of a similar type and location.

Please look at the individual championship pages below for more details.

Autosolo Championship

Road Sport Championship

Targa Rally Championship

Stage Rally Championship

If you have any questions or feedback please contact points@oxfordmotorclub.co.uk