Twisted Arm Grass Autotest 2017

It took several trips between Long Hanborough and Pusey Lodge with the kit to set up the event, using my Focus and 6 by 4 trailer. You would have thought the “Almighty” would have seen fit to provide good weather. About 1/2 an hour into the event just as the grass had been polished off the surface of both tests, the heavens opened up to dampen the proceedings. As I was time keeping at the time and, my car was being driven by Jack Smith, who had emptied the contents of the car into my trailer. My wet gear was a long walk away. In 2 minutes I was soaked.
When Jack had finished his first test, I could then have a go. Well the writing was on the cards for Jacks eventual triumph over me, in my car!
Ford Focus, dear old Henry and his minions conspired to ensure that me and Jack would be propping up the field. The ‘Daganham dustbin’ (made in Spain) has a fly by wire, traction control, ABS, get you home mode and switch of when confused. I had some smart Alec advice like pull the fuse out for the ABS, I thought it safe to leave well alone.

David Smith. Clerk of the Course

Twisted Arm 2017 Results

Photo’s of the event.

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