September Club Night – Wednesday 7th -Table Top Rally

For the Club September social evening we are running a Table Top Rally – The Jesters Table Top which is aimed at Beginner and Novice navigators.  
Our aim is to introduce you to some of the handouts that novice crews are likely to come across on a 12 Car Navigational Rally.  We will also be using a Time Card as a familiarity exercise.

Expert navigators are welcome but its unlikely you will learn anything new.  Your assistance in teaching the novices how to plot the instructions would however be appreciated. I plan to say a few words about how to prepare for and approach a rally along with an insight as to how to make things easier once you are on your way. This may also give you to the confidence and enthusiasm to try it for real on the Club’s October 12 Car Rally. 

Event details:

When is it?  Wednesday,7th September 2022

What Time?         From 19:30 hrs.


What will I need?  Current OS Map 164, Pencils, Rubber, Romer 

If you are interested, please let me know as an idea of numbers will help me to prepare etc. Please contact Brian Cammack, or 07789 197650. 

Kindest Regards

Brian Chairman – Oxford Motor Club 

PS. For absolute novices who may not know what a ROMER is here is a link which will explain all although there are several other similar products and suppliers on the market.