Hertfordshire Stages: 27th June – Cancelled

Please see the following statement from Middlesex County AC:

This afternoon we received an email from Hertfordshire Highways postponing the event until next year. “Due to Covid-19 and the infection rate within the County, HCC cannot support the proposed rally that is due to take place on 27th June 2021 nor the backup date in September 2021 as it is considered that the pandemic is unlikely to be resolved this year.  We believe that even aiming at a date in September is a risk. The Authority cannot dedicate the resources required to give this event justice whilst that same resource is required to assist with addressing the pandemic. We would be happy to consider running the event in 2022 if you wish to move the date.The county council is not facilitating any event on the highway at the moment but hopes to continue to promote events on the highway as soon as this virus allows.” As you may know, we were optimistic in our bulletin just a few days ago that we would be continuing our planning work to run the event in June 21 with a reserve date in September 21. The organisers would like to express their appreciation for the effort put in by council members and officers for this exciting and ground-breaking event which has also attracted unprecedented support from local businesses, residents, potential competitors, sponsors and enthusiasts. We are continuing to refine our plans and fully expect the event to be worth waiting for. Middlesex County Automobile Club has made a significant investment in the event with considerable support from Herts County Auto and Aero Club and other clubs and individuals. I am personally very committed to running the event in June 2022 and will be meeting with the MCAC Club Council and the Hertfordshire Stages Rally organising team to discuss the postponement. We are looking at a new date of 25th June 2022 subject to confirmation. 
Please stay safe, Mike. 
Mike Hurst,Chairman,

MCAC is looking for assistance for the first running of the Hertfordshire Stages on June 27th (Reserve date: 19th September). This will be the first closed road event in the area and is sure to attract a large entry. If you’d like to get involved, please contact Simon Marks at A304SCA@aol.com.

More information on the roles required can be found here.