Twisted Arm Autotest, 30th July 2017

It took several trips between Long Hanborough and Pusey Lodge with the kit to set up the event, using my Focus and 6 by 4 trailer. You would have thought the “Almighty” would have seen fit to provide good weather. About 1/2 an hour into the event just as the grass had been polished off the surface of both tests, the heavens opened up to dampen the proceedings. As I was time keeping at the time and, my car was being driven by Jack Smith, who had emptied the contents of the car into my trailer. My wet gear was a long walk away. In 2 minutes I was soaked.
When Jack had finished his first test, I could then have a go. Well the writing was on the cards for Jacks eventual triumph over me, in my car!
Ford Focus, dear old Henry and his minions conspired to ensure that me and Jack would be propping up the field. The ‘Daganham dustbin’ (made in Spain) has a fly by wire, traction control, ABS, get you home mode and switch of when confused. I had some smart Alec advice like pull the fuse out for the ABS, I thought it safe to leave well alone.

David Smith. Clerk of the Course

                                                    2017 Twisted Arms Autotest  
No. Name Class Car Total of Best Times Overall Position Class Position  
10 James Hall A Rover 100 313.3 1 1  
9 Robert Hall A Rover 100 317.2 2 2  
17 Alan Wakeman A MG ZR 323.6 3 3  
12 Bryan Cherriet D Peugeot 106 328.5 4 1  
21 Alan Cartwright D Peugeot 206 330.4 5 2  
7 Derek Looker A Peugeot 205 332.9 6 4  
24 Simon Phillips B Peugeot 205 334.0 7 1  
1 Matt Endean B MG ZR 334.3 8 2  
19 Chris Charlston D Peugeot 206 338.8 9 3  
20 Matt Green B Peugeot 309 339.6 10 3  
8 Eddie Haynes A Rover 100 341.2 11 5  
28 David Lumsdale B Peugeot 206 346.5 12 4  
18 Jimmy Milligan B Toyota 346.8 13 5  
4 Haydn Marks D BMW 318 352.1 14 4  
2 Suze Endean B MG ZR 356.4 15 6  
11 Jack Cherriet D Peugeot 106 367.2 16 5  
27 Bryan Murphy B Corsa Van 370.5 17 7  
26 Carl Lewis B Corsa Van 372.9 18 8  
23 Jamie Hyde D MG ZR 374.8 19 6  
22 Liam Hyde D MG ZR 376.0 20 7  
6 Simon Bradley B Mazda MX5 376.8 21 9  
5 Mark Bradley B Mazda MX5 378.7 22 10  
16 Jack Smith B Ford Focus 380.5 23 11  
15 David Smith B Ford Focus 382.7 24 12  
25 Martin Davis B Peugeot 206 391.7 25 13  

Grass Autotest 2017 Results pdf

Pictures taken by Harvey Warner (The Masters are & Mbyte)

Base Camp

Before the rain


 During the rain



One of the Hall Gang (Witney Motor Club)

Derek Looker

Derek Looker of Dolphin MC

Matt (2)

Matt Endean (Chelmsford MC)

Simon Phillips and son

Simon Phillips and navigator son giving the thumbs up

Haydn Marks

Haydn Marks being shown the way by Helen Tutt

Green and Co

Martin Davies driving and Matthew Green debating which way to go

David Lumsdale

David Lumsdale of Witney MC

Cartwright and Charleston

Alan Cartwright and Chris Charleston of Witney MC

Charlie Walker

Charlie Walker and Haydn Marks

Mark and Simon Bradley

Mark and Simon Bradley of Witney not the day for the rag top to be down

Jack Smith

Jack Smith Showing his uncle how to do it

David Smith

David Smith thinking “i’ve got wash this thing”

Jimmy Milligan (4)

Jimmy Milligan of Witney MC, It should be alright on our Autocross next month

Charlie Walker and Ollie Ball

Charlie Walker driving with Ollie Ball, Charlie its not Haydn BMW

Suze Endean of Chelmsford

Suze Endean giving Matt a run for his money

Jack and Bryan Cherrett

Jack Cherrett showing his Dad how to do it

Alan Wakeman

Alan Wakeman from Boundless formally CSMA and Oxford

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David Smith

The Twisted Arms Autosolo Results 24/7/16

Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 14.19.25

Download the results here

Photo’s are now available on in the Gallery

The OMC ‘Twisted Arms’ Autotest – Sunday July 19th 2015

The ‘Twisted Arms’ Autotest and barbeque was organised by Oxford Motor Club, and held on a grass airstrip on Pusey Farm on Sunday 19th, and it certainly required the twisting of some OUMF arms to assemble a few crews to join in the fun! The temperature was already climbing in the hot sun as the four OUMF entrants, in 3 cars, met at the HQ in the morning to put a few things in the van, and Phillips Tyres signs on both sides, before setting off for the venue some 20 minutes away down the A420 towards Swindon. Ahron was driving his Toyota MR-2 with Sally in the passenger seat, Dom was in his Morris Minor, and I was in my 1 litre, 3 cylinder Corsa, and was to be sharing the driving with Ding who led the way to Pusey in the van.

We arrived at the airfield rather later than planned due to some interesting navigation on the way. It was immediately clear that some of the cars participating were in a rather different class (i.e. road rally spec!) from the largely unmodified MR-2 and Corsa, but unperturbed we signed on, paid our £10 set out our table and NGK Spark Plugs chairs and prepared for the event.

Autotesting, as far as I understood it, is basically the art of driving as fast as possible round a tortuous low speed course, doing everything they said not to do in your driving lessons. Then – even better – instead of getting told off, you then get a second chance to ignore your imaginary driving instructor by doing it all again and having another run!

The first test was a relatively simple series of tight turns, not really needing much handbrake use, with the fastest strategy appearing to be to drive smoothly and neatly. This was then done twice in the opposite direction for the second test. The long spell of dry weather and bright sunshine meant that the grass was soon well-worn away under spinning tyres and each run produced an increasingly large dust cloud to add to the spectacle.

Jamie Higgins turned up on his bike to watch the fun – just in time for the excellent barbeque lunch provided by John and Shirley Blackwell, with deliciously fresh salad and fruit, straight from their allotment. While we tucked in, we were treated to the multicoloured vapour trails of planes performing aerobatics above the Fairford Airshow on the horizon.

After lunch, the layout of the numbered cones stretching away up the field was changed for the third test – and things got decidedly more brilliant. As we all walked the course it became clear that a good proportion of the third test was a series of super sharp hairpin turns, and hand braking was looking to be absolutely necessary in order to negotiate these without the use of reverse. With half the OUMF team off to practice their handbrake turns at the other end of the runway, and me trying to make my handbrake actually work with hurried use of a spanner, there was no way this could end without hilarity. The size of the Corsa was better suited to this layout than I had expected, and my handbrake sort of worked too – if one pulled it on with everything my left arm could muster – so now I just had to get my timing right… As before the test was then run twice I the opposite direction, and I can quite honestly say I have never had so much fun in my life, and I am definitely looking forward to another event such as this.

With the exception of Ding, who’s past experience prompted him to try so hard to persuade us to have a go, I don’t think any of us were properly prepared for the car related fun that was about to ensue – least of all Ahron and I who completed the last test in rear-wheel-drive-related hysterics.

The event was so fun that it was hard to be competitive (unless you are sharing the driving with Ding!), but at the end of the day, the results found my Corsa (driven by Ding) the Class winner, and 4th overall, and my Corsa (driven by me!) 2nd in Class (6th overall), with Dom’s Morris bringing up the rear – but only by 0.8 seconds over 4 tests, and Ding thought it was easily the most fun to drive too.

Ahron managed to lose his timecard altogether in the dusty chaos, but Ding managed to pilot the MR-2 to 8th place overall and the Morris to 12th place overall.

This was my first experience of real ‘grassroots’ motorsport (in every sense!) and I would like to thank David Smith for organising it so efficiently, John and Shirley Blackwell for their wonderful food, Dick Hall for his timing skills, rally-mad farmers Tim and Matthew Green for the great venue, and all other members of the Oxford Motor Club for their help in making it a fantastic afternoon’s entertainment. It was unbeatable value, and I gained driving skills and had fun in equally large quantities. I also gained a lot more respect for the capabilities of my puny Corsa!

This event has definitely got me hooked and I can’t recommend it highly enough – or wait for the next one!!


James Martin



Results of the Twisted Arms Grass Autotest for 2015 are as follows;-

FTD   Alan Wakeman in a Rover (25) 218 si

First in class A upto 1400cc Ding Boston in a Vauxhall Corsa

First in class B over 1400cc Derek Looker in a Ford Puma 1.7

Twisted Arms results