Driveshaft 20/20 Road Rally – October 30th

Devizes & DMC are pleased to announce the running of a night navigational Road Rally starting
just north of Chippenham and finishing at Leigh Delamare Services.

It will be held on the evening of the 30th October 2021 starting at 20.00 hrs and finishing at approx
00.30 thus meaning it is not a night out of bed but still all in darkness!
The event has a route of approximately 130 miles on all tarmac roads. Navigation will be mainly
of a “plot and bash” format using no-nonsense, straight forward, navigation but there will be some
pre-plot sections too. The roads in Wiltshire should ensure a challenge for both driver and
navigator. Some of the types of navigation which may be used include – map references, grid lines,
spot heights, tulips, herringbones, map symbols, directions of approach and depart, marked map.
The event is being run under a Clubmans status which means you do need a Motorsport UK
Competition Licence and a Motor Club membership card.

This is intended as a step-up from 12 cars. The whole route has been driven in a standard road car
which proves that a sump guard is not necessary.