2018 Club Championship Award Winners.

Awards presented by Simon Phillips – Club Chairman


2017 Club Championship Award Winners.

Awards presented by Simon Phillips – Club Chairman


2016 Club Championship Award Winners

Simon Marks winner Jubilee CupShirley Blackwell 3rd Macclesfield Cup

Kevin Belcher RR Ex DriverIan Hazleton RR Ex Nav

Helen Tutt best newcomerHaydn Marks RR Ex Nav

David Smith 2nd Macclesfield CupBob Muttram winner Mathews Cup

Bob Muttram 3rd Motavation Cup

Awards presented by Bill Hitchcock – Club President

Photographs by Harvey Warner

Final 2016 Positions can be seen by clicking the link below.
2016 Club Championship Points Final Positions

Competitive Section

OMC 12 Car Driver – Expert                        Ian Hazleton
OMC 12 Car Navigator – Expert                  Bob Muttram

OMC 12 Car Driver – Novice                        Phil Garrett

OMC 12 Car Navigator – Novice                   Kieran Brown

Road Rally Driver – Expert                            Kevin Belcher
Road Rally Navigator – Expert x 3 ties         Ian Hazleton
Haydn Marks
Simon Marks

Road Rally Driver – Novice                             Kieran Belcher
Road Rally Navigator – Novice                       not awarded

Stage Rally Driver                                               Mark Cooper
Stage Rally Co-Driver                                         Bob Muttram

Wilfred Matthews Cup                                         Bob Muttram
[Expert navigator, permitted events]

Davis Cup                                                                Alan Wakeman
[Speed events]

Woottens Cup                                                       Haydn Marks
{Best navigator – other events]

Motivation Cup                                                   1. Haydn Marks
[Best in Club                                                       2. Alan Wakeman
Competitive Section members]                       3. Bob Muttram

Non Competitive Section

Jubilee Cup                                                         Simon Marks
[Marshalling Cup]

Batchelor Cup                                                    Helen Tutt
{Best Newcomer]

Boanerges Cup                                                 Shirley Blackwell
[Best lady member]

Under 21                                                             Kieran Belcher

Macclesfield Cup                                              1. Simon Marks
[Best in Club                                                      2. David Smith
Non-competitive section members]             3. Shirley Blackwell

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