2018 Club Championship

There have been some changes to the way championship points are collated for 2018.

Competition and Non-Competition have been separated to even out the opportunities for members to win awards at the end of the year.

We have created a new category to encourage beginners to the Road Rally discipline.
If the driver of a beginner navigator has experience either as a novice or expert then they will score half points with the beginner scoring full points.Claiming your points is just the same and the current standings will be shown below at regular intervals.

The Speed Events category has been separated into two sections:
A. Autosolo      B.  Other Speed Events.
The Davis Cup will be awarded to the overall winner.

Club Championship rules for 2018 are here 2018 Championship Points Rules

To claim points:

The details needed are your name;  the date of the event; name, type and organiser of the event; your position against OMC members; and an event web site link if possible.


The results for 2017 can be seen here

2017 Championship Points Spreadsheet

2017 Championship Points Qualifying Spreadsheet

Section leaders are highlighted in gold – but remember – to win an award you must have organised, competed, marshalled or supported a club event before the end of the year.

List of Award Winners.

Competitive Section

OMC 12 car driver – expert class – Haydn Marks
OMC 12 Car navigator – expert class – Bob Muttram
OMC 12 car driver – novice class – Phil Garratt
OMC 12 car navigator – novice class – Kieron Brown
OMC 12 car driver – beginner class – Charles Neal
OMC 12 car navigator – beginner class tie – Finley Barrass & David Lloyd

Road Rally driver – expert class – Richard Austen
Road rally navigator – expert class – Brian Cammack
Road Rally driver – novice class – Kieran Belcher
Road rally navigator – novice class – Kieron Brown

Stage Rally driver tie – Chris Hambly & Dominic Hodge
Stage Rally co-driver tie – Brian Cammack, Chris Hambly, Simon Marks

Davis Cup [speed events] – Alan Wakeman

Wilfred Mathews Cup [expert navigator] – Brian Cammack

Woottons Cup [best navigator on other events] – Haydn Marks

Motivation Cup [best in club – competitive section]
1st Haydn Marks;   2nd Alan Wakeman,  3rd Simon Phillips

Non-Competitive Section

Marshal of the Year – Harvey Warner

Best Lady member – Shirley Blackwell

Under 21 member – Kieran Belcher

Newcomers of the Year – Martin & Edward Bell

Macclesfield Cup [best in club – non-competitive section]
1st Simon Marks,  2nd David Smith,  3rd John Blackwell