Club Championship

Oxford Motor Club runs an in-club championship for its members covering all aspects of club life.
Competition and non-competitive activities are all accommodated so all members are able to take part 

Explanation of 2019 Championship Points

To claim points:

The details needed are your name;  the date of the event; name, type and organiser of the event; your position against OMC members; and an event web site link if possible.

July 2019 Table


2018 Club Championship Final Positions

List of 2018 Award Winners.

Competitive Section

OMC 12 car driver – expert class – Simon Phillips
OMC 12 Car navigator – expert class – Brian Cammack
OMC 12 car driver – novice class – Charles Neal & Simon Shaw
OMC 12 car navigator – novice class – Max Utting
OMC 12 car driver – beginner class – Toni Dwornik
OMC 12 car navigator – beginner class – Richard Murray

Road Rally driver – expert class – Kevin Belcher
Road rally navigator – expert class – Brian Cammack
Road Rally driver – novice class – Phil Garratt
Road rally navigator – novice class – Kieron Brown

Stage Rally driver – Matthew Baddeley
Stage Rally co-driver – Brian Cammack & Matt Endean

AutoSolo – Alan Wakeman

Other Speed Events – Simon Phillips

Davis Cup [speed events] – Alan Wakeman

Wilfred Mathews Cup [expert navigator] – Brian Cammack

Woottons Cup [best navigator on other events] – Mark Snelling

Motivation Cup [best in club – competitive section]
1st Alan Wakeman;   2nd Matt Endean,  3rd Suze Endean

Non-Competitive Section

Marshal of the Year – David Smith

Best Lady member – Suze Endean

Under 21 member – Kieran Belcher

Newcomer of the Year – Matthew Baddeley

Macclesfield Cup [best in club – non-competitive section]
1st John Blackwell;  2nd David Smith,  3rd Simon Phillips