Bolero Autosolo – Results, Report & Photos

Below are the results from Sunday’s Autosolo at Finmere.


Thank you all for your patience and tolerance during what was a rather difficult day and an special ‘thank you’ to the timekeepers who were at the sharp end of the timing problems but kept on going.

With the initial timing problems on Test 1, the Clerk of the Course decided to run the FIA Games event early, in the hope we could resolve the problems for the rest of our event. However, things didn’t work out well.

The timing system ran perfectly 6 weeks ago so John Clavey was run ragged trying to sort the problems that we experienced on Sunday. If he hadn’t been on site our problems would have been much worse so a grateful ‘thank you’ to him for his perseverance.

An after event investigation did throw up some faults that have been rectified but that was not our only problem.

Phone signals and internet connections for both the timekeepers and results kept going down during the day. Whether this was the internet companies working on their systems or the hot weather affecting things I don’t know.

Details of that our next Autosolo in october will be sent out at the end of August – venue availability permitting.

Photo’s of the day can be found below: