Boanerges Autosolo & PCA – Report & Results

Another successful event organised by Oxford Motor Club Autosolo Team led by CoC Colin Minchin and Deputy CoC Haydn Marks and supported by many experienced Club members at Shenington Kart Racing Track near Banbury. 
As we were part of several Autosolo Championship’s we had a considerable number of experts taking part but pleasingly we also attracted a good number of newcomers to the discipline and a third of the field were Oxford MC members.

Despite Storm Babet causing havoc all around the country we had a calm, dry sunny day. A newly laid track had plenty of grip and provided for plenty of entertainment.

Test 1 
Class A ended with Bob Milligan in his Mini leading Patrick Horricks’s Fiat Cinquecento by 5.5 seconds with Chris Kent in the Micra a further 2.7 seconds behind. An excellent result for Patrick who had to stop on the way to the event to change the cam belt.

In Class B John Paul Boardman led the class by 2.2 seconds over Vic Craven in his Twingo with Mark Nicoll 1.4 seconds in third place.

Expert Kieran Belcher led Class C in his Megane by an impressive 9.9 seconds over the inexperienced beginner James Burton with novice Leo Brough another 9.5 seconds behind.

A trio of MX5’s in Class D had Phil Oliver lead Liam Rollings by just 0.8 seconds with Steve Conner just 1.7 seconds further back.

Class E ended with Experts Malcolm Mackenzie’s Westfield leading Expert Keith Pettit’s 68 year old Austin Healey by 5.6 seconds with beginner Jason Brown in his Lotus 7 another 6.2 seconds down in third.

In the PCA Class F beginner Elvis Medford in his Fiesta led absolute beginner Chris Stewart’s MX5 by 0.5seconds. Chris was on his very first event of any sort so he had settled in very quickly. Elvis’s young son Aiden was third 11 seconds back.

Test 2
This was a reverse of test 1 which surprisingly showed quicker times.

In Class A the gap between Bob and Patrick had closed to 4.1 seconds but hitting two cones meant that Chris in third has lost time to 9.8 seconds down. 

Mark Nicoll went from third to first of Class B by merit if a clean run to lead Vic by 4.1 seconds with John Paul just 0.1 seconds behind in third.

Kieran extended his lead in Class C to 15 seconds over James but unfortunately Leo was now 20 seconds down.

Class D had its usual close battle, Liam was just in front by 1.4 seconds over Phil. Jamie Yapp in another MX5 took third place just 2.5 seconds behind with Steve dropping to fourth a further 1 second behind.

Malcolm extended his Class E lead over Kieth to 7.7 seconds with Jason another 11.1 seconds back.

PCA leader Elvis extended his lead to 5.7 seconds over Chris with Aiden 24 seconds back in third.

Test 3
In Class A Bob, Patrick and Chris maintained the same order with gaps of 1.2 seconds and 6.9 seconds.

Mark Nicoll kept his lead of Class B by 5.9 seconds over Vic with John Paul losing time to 3.5 seconds down.

Class C was still dominated by Kieran now 16.5 seconds in front of James with Leo losing time.

There were more changes in Class D. Liam kept his lead over Phil by 3.8 seconds with Steve now back in third just 2.8 seconds behind.

Malcolm maintained his lead in Class E by leading Kieth by 13.6 seconds who in turn was 13.1 in front of Jason.

In the PCA Elvis stretched his lead to 6.3 seconds with son Aiden starting to drift but keeping his third place.

Test 4
This was a reverse of Test 3 and drivers were keen to secure their places and get points for the respective championships.

Bob finished his event with a Class A win 2.5 seconds in front of Patrick with Chris pulling time back to finish 1.8 seconds back in third.

Mark kept his first place and Class B win by 7.6 seconds over Vic with John Paul 7 seconds behind.

Another Class win for Kieran in Class C 20.5 seconds in front of a creditable second in Class by James with Leo in third.

Yet more changes and another name in Class D. Liam took the Class win by 6.6 seconds over Phil with Eddie Martin moving up a place to finish 2.3 seconds behind.
Steve and Jamie finished in 4th and 5th.

Malcolm ended his day as Class winner in Class E with Kieth 13.7 seconds back with Jason taking a very impressive third 15.3 seconds back.
As well as a Class win Malcolm was the Fastest Driver of the Day so by default Kieth took the First in Class award with Jason being awarded the Second in Class award. 

Last but no means least, the PCA ended with a first award for the Class winner Elvis to match his others son Aaron’s award a couple of years ago – how long before the crown passes on to Aiden? 
Chris Stewart was a very impressive Second in Class with a time of 8.1 seconds behind and his time was only 47.7 seconds longer than expert Dad Derek in Class D.

Award Winners

Class A       

Second in Class    Patrick Horricks
First in Class        Bob Milligan

Class C       

First in Class        Kieran Belcher

Class D       

Third in Class       Eddie Martin
Second in Class    Phil Oliver
First in Class        Liam Rollings

Class E       

Second in Class    Jason Brown
First in Class        Kieth Pettit


Second in Class    Chris Stewart
First in Class        Elvis Medford

Best Oxford Member               

Eddie Martin

Fastest Time of the Day           

Malcolm Mackenzie