Boanerges Autosolo 2021 – Results

Hello all,

Thank you all for taking entering and being part of what might be our last event at Finmere. Despite questioning the venue agent we are none the wiser with what is happening so we just wait and see.

I’m sure you will join me in thanking Colin Minchin, our new Clerk of the Course, for designing some excellent fast flowing tests and for running the event. Not an easy task as some of you will know and appreciate and from the kind and generous comments that you have sent me everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.

It was very much appreciated that many of you stayed behind for the awards presentation, things are slowly getting back to normal, and as well as congratulating all the award winners I’m also sure you will join me in giving a special cheer to our own young competitor Aaron Medford on his first class win.
His excitement and constant smile was my highlight of the day.

Finally a thank you to all our timekeepers [who looked after well over 600 runs], marshals and helpers who stood out all day to give you a days sport and another special thank you to the team who set up the venue in the torrential rain on the Saturday. Totally drenched would be an understatement.

So till our next event in 2022, wherever that may be, I thank you all for your support and I hope we can maintain the standard of event that you seem to enjoy and appreciate.

Below are the event results & photographs of the day:

Boanerges Autosolo & PCA Results 2021