Boanerges Autosolo 2017

Looking at the weather forecast in the week running up to the event, I was expecting to be drowned again (Our late July Grass Autotest was a mud bath). Although it gave us a soaking before the first car started the rain was not a problem, having said that it did have a good tiddle as a going home present.

The first test was a wet surface which gradually improved but did not fully give us a dry line for the cars to follow. The reverse of test one was drying and the times got quicker at first then started to get slower again. We think this was the dirt on the venue was picked up in the wheel arches then distributed around the track making it a different kind of slippery. After the major course change (Test 3) the track was almost dry and the line was getting cleaner. The reverse of test 3 was the fastest course, the wind had got up a bit drying the venue but, it did look like the red group was going to be disadvantaged again with a wet track. Luckily the damp was overspray from a passing cloud and it did not trouble any one. The rain did turn up proper about 15 minutes after the end of the event.

We did have a Lotus Elise have a suspension / front wishbone failure which only a few witnessed (not me). This was on test 3. The stricken car ground to a halt way off the competitive track. David Manning the driver tried to repair the problem but had to give his better half instructions to bring some tools and spares from some help in Tring, not too far away, though David is Farnborough and district?

The closest club member to the venue was Rob Bowsher our radio control who stayed behind to allow for the temporary fix. I presume David managed to either get it to the public side of the venues gate (to get the AA /RAC to take it home) or he got it all the way home to Tring. To top this one, Harvey who tacks the pictures did not get one of the green Lotus competing at all.

Boanerges Autosolo Results 2017

Photo’s of the event

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