Results and Photo’s for the 
Boanerges Autosolo & Production Car Autotest
Held on Sunday, October 7th 2018

Boanerges Autosolo & PCA Results

Results and report for the 
Boanerges Autosolo & Production Car Autotest
Held on Sunday, October 1st 2017

2017 Boanerges Autosolo & PCA Final Results

The results will be attached soon and the pictures of The award winners and most of the competitors will be posted as soon as the pictures can be processed. (made smaller from 6Mbt to 6ooKbt)

Looking at the weather forecast in the week running up to the event, I was expecting to be drowned again (Our late July Grass Autotest was a mud bath). Although it gave us a soaking before the first car started the rain was not a problem, having said that it did have a good tiddle as a going home present.

The first test was a wet surface which gradually improved but did not fully give us a dry line for the cars to follow. The reverse of test one was drying and the times got quicker at first then started to get slower again. We think this was the dirt on the venue was picked up in the wheel arches then distributed around the track making it a different kind of slippery. After the major course change (Test 3) the track was almost dry and the line was getting cleaner. The reverse of test 3 was the fastest course, the wind had got up a bit drying the venue but, it did look like the red group was going to be disadvantaged again with a wet track. Luckily the damp was overspray from a passing cloud and it did not trouble any one. The rain did turn up proper about 15 minutes after the end of the event.

We did have a Lotus Elise have a suspension / front wishbone failure which only a few witnessed (not me). This was on test 3. The stricken car ground to a halt way off the competitive track. David Manning the driver tried to repair the problem but had to give his better half instructions to bring some tools and spares from some help in Tring, not too far away, though David is Farnborough and district?

 The closest club member to the venue was Rob Bowsher our radio control who stayed behind to allow for the temporary fix. I presume David managed to either get it to the public side of the venues gate (to get the AA /RAC to take it home) or he got it all the way home to Tring. To top this one, Harvey who tacks the pictures did not get one of the green Lotus competing at all.

The event had 46 entered

Picture below were taken by Harvey Warner and edited by David Smith.

Pictures of most of the competitors are available  from until 10th October when the Camera Card is returned to Harvey.

 Car 4 Steve Connor Car 7 Matt Endean Car 10 Jamie Yapp (2) Car 11 John Roberts (2) Car 13 Haydn Marks Car 14 Simon Philips Car 21 John Clavey Car 24 Thomas Bateman (2) Car 26 Peter Manning Car 28 Andy Lewin Car 29 Charles Neal Car 31 31 Craig Johnson Car 34 Jamie Hyde


The 2017 Bocardo Autosolo and PCA was on April 23rd.
Results can be seen here 2017 Bocardo Autosolo & PCA 

Pictures by Harvey Warner

Edited by David Smith (picture size is 450Kbt) we have about 5 per Car. Double driven cars are difficult to separate the drivers one from the other.

Car 1 Richard Glindon Car 2 John Roberts Car 3 Alan Wakeman Car 4 Nigel Lack Car 5 Matt Endean Car 6 Suze Endean Car 7 Peter Manning Car 8 Mark Summers Car 10 Charles Neal Car 11 Jim Bryant Car 12 Richard Pain Car 13 Oliver Payne Car 14 Robin Harman Car 15 Carl Leonard Car 16 Helen Tutt Car 17 Hassan Qureshi Car 18 Haydn Marks Car 19 Thomas Hyde Car 20 Keith Pettit Car 21 John Clavey Car 22 Dean Askew Car 23 Peter Dickinson Car 24 Mark Benstock Car 25 Ian Webb Car 26 Martin Bell Car 27 Caroline Cruz Car 28 Vini Cruz Car 29 Kieran Belcher Car 30 Richard Mortimer Car 31 Steve Conner Car 32 Shane Houlihan Car 33 Mike Authers Car 34 Max Authers Car 35 Ben Ashley Car 36 Tomasz Marciniak

Our next event is the Boanerges Autosolo & Production Car autotest on Sunday, October 1st 2017

Oxford Motor Club organise two AutoSolo’s during the year, the Bocardo in April and the Boanerges in October.

In addition to these we organise two Production Car Autotests to run simultaniously with the Solo’s which allow newcomers to the discipline to gain experience with the aid of a navigating passenger.

To read more about Autosolo’s click HERE  A Guide to Autosolo’s

To see more of the action click on the links below.  April 2015  April 2015  April 2015

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The 2016 Boanerges Autosolo and PCA – Sunday, 2nd October

The full results spreadsheet can be seen here 2016-boanerges-autosolo-results
A picture of all competitors can be found further down the page.
Pictures by Harvey Warner Captions by David Smith

Awards for the 2016 Boanerges Autosolo.
Posn        Name                      Car                            cc                 Club

PCA Section
2nd         John Clavey          Toyota Corrolla        1800           Boundless
1st          Haydn Marks        Rover 218-160          1796           Oxford MC
6 in this class

Clubman Section ( non championship contenders)

Class A
1st        Peter Manning       Austin Mini              1300             FDMC / Falcon
5 in this Class

Class B
1st        Craig Johnson       Renault Twingo         1598            Loughborough
5 in this class

Class D
3rd        Mark Gostlow      Mazda MX5                1800            Harrow
2nd       Martin Prescott   Mazda MX5                1800            FDMC (Farnborough)
1st         Keith Pettit           Austin Healey             1275           Falcon
12 in the Class

Class E
1st         Adam Elver           Westfield Kit Car        2000          Oxford MC
4 in this Class

Fastest time of the day (FTD) Clubmans section
Steve Woodings from Class D  in a Mazda MX5 1800 of FDMC (Farnborough)
National B (BTRDA and Cotswold Motor Sport group Championship contenders)

Class A
1st        Andy Lewin            Nissan Micra           1348              British Trials & Rally Drivers Association
4 in this Class

Class B
1st        John Fox                  Renalt Clio               1998              BTRDA
4 in this class

Class C
1st        Peter Dickinson    Subaaru Impreza     1994              Cotswold MSG (Bristol MC)
3 in this class

Class D
1st       Sandy Smith          Mazda MX5                1800               CMSG / Bristol MC
4 in this class

Fastest time of the day (FTD) National B section
Alec Tunbridge a BTRDA contender in Class E driving a Caterham 7

The total entry for the day was 47
The cars are split into 5 classes and those classes are sub divided into Clubmans and National B
A further class PCA has been added for under aged drivers, and vehicles trailered to the event,
and not strictly ‘Road Legal’
The PCA cars can be from all the other classes. They are not part of the main competition.
The days competition was held on a good warm and sunny early Autumn day. A every competitor went home with a smile having had a fun but competitive day. Each of the ‘peer groups’ (the 5 classes plus the PCA)competed keenly against each other.
The Club ‘Boundless’ is the rebranded CSMA (Civil Service Motoring Association) This was done in 2014
BTRDA is a Club as well as an Association at National level and runs many Championships.
CSMG is a group of Clubs (20) from the Cotswolds (some of Oxfordshire is in the Cotswolds).
CMSG organise a championships at a Semi regional level, the region being AWMMC (Association of West Midland Motor Clubs)
Each of the groups Clubs have to be in the AWMMC. Each Club Member (an Oxford MC or Witney MC) is also a member of the CMSG Competitors Club.
The future of the Finmere Venue is in greater doubt this year than last year as the Land is up for sale. OMC is actively look for a new venue just in case the new owner developes the newly acquired land immediately upon purchase. The next Autosolo has been booked in the motor sports calendars for 2017.
Still Photos of the event will be posted on this site and a video has also been done and links will be posted soon

David Smith
Clerk of the Course

Jack Flash Photography was at the event. His photo’s can be viewed here

1-marshalling-team 2-haydn-and-guest 3-pca-class-2nd-john-clavey 4-pca-class-winner-haydn-marks 5-club-1st-class-a-peter-manning 6-club-class-b-winner-craig-johnson 7-club-3rd-class-d-mark-gostlow 8-club-2nd-class-d-martin-prescott 9-club-1st-class-d-keith-pettit 10-club-class-e-adam-elver 11-clubmans-ftd-steve-woodings 12-nat-b-class-a-winner-andy-lewin 13-nat-b-class-b-winner-john-fox 14-nat-b-class-c-winner-peter-dickinson 15-nat-b-class-d-winner-sandy-smith 16-nat-b-ftd-alec-tunbridge

 The rest of the Boanerges field

car-1-a car-3-a car-5-a car-6-a car-7-a car-9-a car-12-b car-13-a car-16-a car-17-a car-18-a car-19-a car-22-a car-23-a car-24-a car-25-a car-26-a car-27-a car-29-a car-30-c car-31-a car-32-a car-33-a car-34-a car-36-a car-37-a car-38-b car-39-b car-40-b car-42-a car-44-b car-46-a car-47-a car-48-b

The 2016 Bocardo Autosolo 24th April 2016

The weather forecast for the day was not promising as winter decided to turn up 3 months late. The drive from Witney to Finmere  started of with fine rain, at least I did not have to scrape the windscreen. As I past the Freeland the orange frost warning popped up on the dashboard. The other side of Bladon it rained, it was snowing Enslow, this did not bode well for the day. Just before Newton Purcell an on coming blue car was in the process of writing itself off by barrel rolling down the grass verge on the other side of the road. Having had a senior moment and tested the ABS on the Dagenham Dustbin. I pull off the road to rescue the occupant of the car, which was resting on the passenger side and facing the direction it initially came from. The car was so damaged, and I just opened the drivers door with ease. I asked the young woman who was in a heap on the passenger door if she was alright. She replied help me out, I held the door open and she climbed out. I asked her if she had a phone on her at the same time I turned off the ignition and handed her the car keys. I left her to phone the Police whilst I kick the trail of Debris off the road onto the verge and picked up various personal items that had come out of the car. A friend of the lady turned up and agreed to stay with her which allowed me to be on my way. I have no idea what make of small 2 door car it was but the passenger cabin was up to the job. I did ask her what happened, she said “the wheel just went under me”. I had a look at the front suspension it seemed to be all there. The near side tyre had 2 large holes in it. I think she had a tyre go bang. I did expect to find an injured person in the car, luckily I was spared that.

Pulling into the drive and unlocking the gate, Dick Hall had turned up say that he had been and found the gate locked and had been looking for another gate. Dick was going to be helping Bill Hitchcock with Scrutineering and then be one of the Timekeepers.                  I Parked just inside the gate and put all my layers of clothing on as it was cold and raining. As I put up safety notices and altered the course a bit the sun came out so I was pealing of the layers. As it turned out the weather was very good then started to turn cold during the last Test. We had no incidents other than a few cones nocked which we stopped the event and replaced the cones on their spots.

The driving during the day was very good and competitive. The first Test was damp for the first group (3 groups of 12 cars), these were a bit disadvantaged as the venue dried out (not a lot can be done about that).

The Award Winners are as follows ;-

The club was told that we can have the venue for the October Autosolo

John and Shirley Blackwell who did the entries secretary work and the results my thanks to them for taking these tasks on board for me

My thanks to Colin Minchin for his help with Transport, setting up, clearing up and Time Keeping

Thanks to Bill Hitchcock and Dick Hall for Scrutineering and Time Keeping.

Thanks go to Haydn Marks and Helen Tutt for Helping to Set up and clear away as well as compete also to all those who eased the strain of Time Keeping. Finally to Harvey Warner for his marshalling deployment and photography and his understand that I did not mean to back my car into him, thank you to him.


The 2015 Boanerges Autosolo

The course for the Boanerges Autosolo has been altered to take account of the drainage and an example of one of the tests is above.
Very low slung cars may not be suitable for this venue as they still have to cross the drainage gullies which are marked as the large triangle.

We do not encourage spectating but, potential new people to motorsport are welcome to come and assist as marshals.

Finmere master dia

Revised diagram for this event to slow cars over the gullies (30/9/15)


Bocardo Spring Autosolo at Finmere Airfield, Nr Bicester on April 26th 2015.

The event was greatly enjoyed by all the competitors and the results were a very close thing in the end with Liam Rollings in the Mini winning the National B event after 12 runs by just 0.3 seconds over Andy Lewin in the Nissan Micra with Mike Biss third in the MX5 and the top three covered by 3.3 seconds.

James Riley showed some spirited driving in the Subaru to win the Clubman event, just 1.1 seconds away from a top three overall.

Dexter West in the supercharged MX5 on his first Solo was certainly entertaining. I wonder how much further up the results he would have been if he had kept in a straight line. You may have guessed he also enjoys drifting.

Will Zanelli was another Solo first timer and came away with a very creditable performance.

As well as appreciating the efforts of all the competitors who made the day so enjoyable Oxford Motor Club’s thanks also go to all the timekeepers who kept the event flowing throughout the day, the results team who had the times on the board very quickly and the team involved with organising, setting up and clearing down the venue.

Results are here Bocardo April 2015 Results