12 Car Rallies

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Dragon 12 car Rally Friday November 2nd

This event uses some great roads and interesting features on Map 175. Suitable navigation for Experts, Novices and Beginners. Nothing rough, unless you find your own route!


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Oxford Motor Club is one of many clubs in the Thames Valley area that organise 12 car rallies.  
Details of all these club events  can be found on http://www.12carcapers.co.uk

A wealth of information on rally navigation to help everyone from beginners to experts can be read here
Road Rally Navigation  – courtesy of Witney Motor Club
Road Rally Navigation Guide – courtesy of the Vintage Car Club

Oxford Motor Club in conjunction with Dolphin Motor Club (Newbury) run a series of 12 car rallies over the lanes of Oxfordshire and Berkshire on Friday evenings..

The 2018 event calendar is:

1      Dolphin MC    26th January     Frostbite 2018 Final Results
2      Oxford MC      16th February   CANCELLED    
3      Dolphin MC    6th April             CANCELLED
4      Oxford MC      20th April            CANCELLED
5      Dolphin MC    21st September   CANCELLED
6      Oxford MC      12th October        CANCELLED
7      Dolphin MC    9th November    
8      Oxford MC      7th December

Oxford Motor Club is also a member of the Cotswold Motor Sports Group who run a series of Friday evening Roadsport 12 car Rallies throughout the South Midlands & Cotswolds.

Their Friday dates are:
1.    February 23rd
2.    March 23rd
3.    April 27th
4.    September 28th
5.    October 26th
6.    November 23rd
7.    December 14th