12 Car Rallies

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Dragon 12 Car Rally 

Dragon 12 Car Rally – November 2nd – Results


Oxford Motor Club is one of many clubs in the Thames Valley area that organise 12 car rallies.  
Details of all these club events  can be found on http://www.12carcapers.co.uk

A wealth of information on rally navigation to help everyone from beginners to experts can be read here
Road Rally Navigation  – courtesy of Witney Motor Club
Road Rally Navigation Guide – courtesy of the Vintage Car Club

Oxford Motor Club in conjunction with Dolphin Motor Club (Newbury) run a series of 12 car rallies over the lanes of Oxfordshire and Berkshire on Friday evenings..

The 2018 event calendar is:

1      Dolphin MC    26th January     Frostbite 2018 Final Results
2      Oxford MC      16th February   CANCELLED    
3      Dolphin MC    6th April             CANCELLED
4      Oxford MC      20th April            CANCELLED
5      Dolphin MC    21st September   CANCELLED
6      Oxford MC      12th October        CANCELLED
7      Oxford MC      2nd November     Dragon 12 Car Rally – Results
8      Dolphin MC    9th November     Gun Powder Plot Results 2018
8      Oxford MC      14th December     CANCELLED

Oxford Motor Club is also a member of the Cotswold Motor Sports Group who run a series of Friday evening Roadsport 12 car Rallies throughout the South Midlands & Cotswolds.

Their Friday dates are:
1.    February 23rd
2.    March 23rd
3.    April 27th
4.    September 28th
5.    October 26th
6.    November 23rd
7.    December 7th