12 Car Rally

A 12 Car Rally is a 60-mile road rally for up to 12 pairs of club members and are open to any club member regardless of experience. They are run to MSA rules and are an ideal training ground for those planning to progress to road or stage rallies. Oxford Motor Club pioneered a beginners class where the navigational handouts take the form of marked maps – newcomers to the lanes sometimes have enough of a problem getting used to “finding the slots” without having to sort out the navigational clues too. To familiarise you with the types of navigation, download the following sample instructions: 8th Feb 12 car Beginner  8th Feb 12 car Novice. Use the novice Nav on the beginner’s marked map or plot the Novice on Ordnance Survey Map 164. There is also a wealth of experience within the club to help you get the most from these type of events.